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Confined Spaces (Chapter 296-809, WAC)

Chapter 296-809, WAC

New Rule Activity Related Policies

Last Updated: 2/5/2018

Table of Contents

Non-Mandatory Appendices

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WAC Description
296-809-099 Definitions.
296-809-100 Scope.
296-809-200 Summary.
296-809-20002 Identify permit-required confined spaces.
296-809-20004 Inform employees and control entry to permit-required confined spaces.
296-809-20006 Follow these requirements when you contract with another employer to enter your confined space.
296-809-300 Summary.
296-809-30002 Develop a written permit-required confined space program.
296-809-30004 Meet these additional requirements if your employees enter another employer's confined space.
296-809-400 Summary.
296-809-40002 Provide employee training.
296-809-40004 Certify employee proficiency.
296-809-500 Summary.
296-809-50002 Implement procedures for entry permits.
296-809-50004 Use an entry permit that contains all required information.
296-809-50006 Keep and review your entry permits.
296-809-50008 Prevent unauthorized entry.
296-809-50010 Provide, maintain, and use proper equipment.
296-809-50012 Evaluate and control hazards for safe entry.
296-809-50014 Make sure you have adequate rescue and emergency services available.
296-809-50016 Use nonentry rescue systems or methods whenever possible.
296-809-50018 Make sure entry supervisors perform their responsibilities and duties.
296-809-50020 Provide an attendant outside the permit-required confined space.
296-809-50022 Make sure entrants know the hazardous conditions and their duties.
296-809-50024 Implement procedures for ending entry.
296-809-600 Alternate entry procedures.
296-809-60002 Make sure the following conditions are met if using alternate entry procedures.
296-809-60004 Follow these alternate entry procedures for permit-required confined spaces.
Non-Mandatory Appendices:
Appendix A Frequently Asked Questions and Examples of Confined Spaces
Appendix B Frequently Asked Questions and Examples of Permit Required Confined Space Hazards
Appendix C Rules in Other Chapters that Cover Confined Spaces
Appendix E Permit Required Confined Space Entry Program Information and Template
Appendix F Sample Confined Space Entry Permits
Appendix G Sewer Entry Information
Appendix H Evaluating Rescue Teams or Services
Appendix I Atmospheric Testing or Monitoring in Confined Space
Appendix J Alternative Methods Documentation Form
Appendix K The permit-space program and the entry permit

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