Summer Safety

As we say goodbye to spring and hello to warmer days, be aware of hazards that can ruin your summer such as sun glare while driving, more pedestrians, sun and heat exposure.

Youth may also get their first summer job. Young workers are more likely to be injured due to less experience. Employers and individuals who hire youth can take proactive steps to keep young workers safe for their present and future jobs.

Here are safety topics and resources to share with workers and safety committees

Buckle up before you start the engine
Summer driving and pedestrian safety

When driving workers always need to stay alert, but sun glare and heat adds extra risk for drivers. Keep the windshield clean. Wear sunglasses to reduce glare and protect your eyes from UV light.

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Caption: Plan for the hazards you may find when working outdoors. Review the job hazard analysis before you start work

Outdoor Work

Working outdoors may expose workers to hazards such as, hot weather, falling debris or material, poisonous vegetation, inspect stings and bites from animals, and possible contact with sharp objects.

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When exposed to working in hot weather climate drink enough water that you never become thirsty, take more breaks in extreme heat and humidity and wear loose fitting, breathable clothing
Sun and heat exposure

Working outside in the sun and heat can lead to heat stress, skin cancer, exhaustion and dehydration. These are all preventable. Water, shade, rest and sun protection are some of the basic steps to take. Learn how to prepare and stay safe during the hot summer months.

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