Military Spousal Leave

An employee whose spouse has received an impending call to active duty during a period of military conflict may take up to 15 days of job-protected leave from work. Their spouse must be a member of the armed forces or National Guard, to be eligible. This leave also applies to reservists who have been called to active duty.

To qualify:

  • Employees must work an average of 20 or more hours per week.
  • Leave must be taken prior to or during deployment.
  • Employees can use any combination of accrued paid time off, or unpaid leave.
  • Employees must notify their employer within five business days of receiving notice of deployment.

See Chapter 49.77 RCW for full details.

Leave for Certain Emergency Service Personnel 

Employers with 20 or more full-time employees must allow employees who serve as Volunteer Firefighters, Reserve Peace Officers, or Civil Air Patrol Members to arrive late or be absent from work because they are currently working at or returning from a fire alarm or emergency call. However, they do not qualify for this leave once they have started their scheduled workday unless the employer agrees to provide such an accommodation.

  • Employers cannot discipline or discharge an employee for taking this leave.
  • Workers must be unpaid volunteer firefighters, reserve peace officers, or Civil Air Patrol members.
  • Workers must already be working at the emergency call to request this leave from their regular job.

See RCW 49.12.460 for full details.