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Results for: Claims and Insurance - Medical Provider Billing and Payment
Title Number / Language
Add Group Packet - Network Provider Account and Credentialing  F245-449-000 (English)
CMS 1500  F245-127-000 (English)
CMS 1500 Billing Manual  F245-423-000 (English)
Common Errors on the Interpretive Services Appointment Record (ISAR)  F245-436-000 (English)
Crime Victims Compensation Program Initial Response and Assessment: Form II  F800-081-000 (English)
Crime Victims' Statement for Compound Prescription  F800-067-000 (English)
Direct Entry Billing Manual  F245-437-000 (English)
Electronic Billing Authorization  F248-031-000 (English)
Example Only  F999-999-000 (English)
General Provider Billing Manual  F248-100-000 (English)
Hearing Aid Repair/Replacement Durable Medical Equipment Provider Hotline Service Authorization Request  F245-418-000 (English)
Helpful Tips for Medical Services Providers  F248-040-000 (English)
Home Health Services Billing Manual  F245-424-000 (English)
Hospital Services Billing Manual  F245-425-000 (English)
How to Bill for an Occupational Disease History Report (Code 1055M)  F242-432-000 (English)
Interpretive Services Appointment Record (ISAR)  F245-056-000 (English)
L&I Medical Provider Network Credentialing Checklist  F245-445-000 (English)
Medical Examiners' Handbook  F252-001-000 (English)
Medical Payment Guidance  F248-366-000 (English)
Miscellaneous Services Billing Manual  F245-431-000 (English)
Occupational Disease Claims in Workers' Compensation  F252-117-000 (English)
Out of Country Provider Account Application  F248-361-232 (French)
 F248-361-236 (German)
Out of Country Provider Application  F248-361-000 (English)
 F248-361-999 (Spanish)
Pharmacy Billing Manual  F245-433-000 (English)
Pharmacy Companion Guide  F245-400-000 (English)
Physical/Occupational/Massage Therapy Provider Hotline Service Authorization Request  F245-417-000 (English)
Power of Attorney for Electronic Remittance Advice  F248-355-000 (English)
Preferred Drug Line Prescription Authorization Request  F245-419-000 (English)
Provider General Billing Manual  F245-432-000 (English)
Provider Network Agreement  F245-397-000 (English)
Provider's Request for Adjustment  F245-183-000 (English)
Quick Reference Card for Providers 2016  F245-414-000_2016 (English)
Quick Reference Card for Providers 2017  F245-414-000_2017 (English)
Quick Reference Card for Providers 2018  F245-414-000_2018 (English)
Quick Reference Card for Providers 2019  F245-414-000_2019 (English)
REFUND NOTIFICATION Refunding Money to L&I to correct your account?  F245-043-000 (English)
Resource Utilization Group (RUG) Residential Care Services for L&I Injured Workers (In place of MDS 3.0 beginning October 1, 2010.)  F245-392-000 (English)
Retraining and Job Modification Billing Manual  F245-427-000 (English)
Statement for Compound Prescription  F245-010-000 (English)
Statement for Home Nursing Services  F248-160-000 (English)
Statement for Miscellaneous Services  F245-072-000 (English)
 F245-072-999 (Spanish)
 F245-072-221 (Chinese Traditional)
Statement for Option 2 Training  F245-446-000 (English)
 F245-446-294 (Russian)
 F245-446-999 (Spanish)
 F245-446-220 (Chinese Simplified)
 F245-446-220 (Chinese Simplified)
Statement for Pharmacy Services  F245-100-000 (English)
 F245-100-255 (Korean)
 F245-100-999 (Spanish)
 F245-100-319 (Vietnamese)
 F245-100-232 (French)
Statement for Retraining and Job Modification Services  F245-030-000 (English)
 F245-030-999 (Spanish)
Statewide Payee Registration  F248-036-000 (English)
Supplemental Requirements for Non-Accredited or Unlicensed Training Providers  F280-045-000 (English)
Tips for completing the Activity Prescription Form  F242-436-000 (English)
UB04 HCFA 1450  F245-367-000 (English)
Washington Practitioner Application  F245-411-000 (English)

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