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Results for: Claims and Insurance - Disability and Pension Benefits
Title Number / Language
Address Change Request for Pensioners  F242-107-000 (English)
 F242-107-999 (Spanish)
Beneficiary Application for Claim Benefits  F242-056-000 (English)
 F242-056-999 (Spanish)
 F242-056-291 (Punjabi/Panjabi)
 F242-056-303 (Somali)
Claim for Pension By Dependents  F242-062-000 (English)
 F242-062-999 (Spanish)
Declaration of Entitlement - Disabled Child or Guardian Benefits  F242-421-000 (English)
 F242-421-999 (Spanish)
 F242-421-290 (Portuguese)
Declaration of Entitlement - Surviving Spouse/Registered Domestic Partner  F242-420-000 (English)
 F242-420-255 (Korean)
 F242-420-999 (Spanish)
 F242-420-291 (Punjabi/Panjabi)
Declaration of Entitlement for Dependent of Deceased Worker Benefits Under Industrial Insurance  F242-422-000 (English)
 F242-422-999 (Spanish)
Declaration of Entitlement for Totally Disabled Worker Benefits Under Industrial Insurance  F242-423-000 (English)
 F242-423-255 (Korean)
 F242-423-294 (Russian)
 F242-423-999 (Spanish)
 F242-423-319 (Vietnamese)
 F242-423-201 (Amharic)
 F242-423-203 (Arabic)
 F242-423-211 (Bosnian)
 F242-423-223 (Croatian)
 F242-423-233 (Farsi/Persian)
 F242-423-237 (Greek)
 F242-423-249 (Japanese)
 F242-423-261 (Laotian)
 F242-423-274 (Mien)
 F242-423-289 (Polish)
 F242-423-291 (Punjabi/Panjabi)
 F242-423-298 (Serbian)
 F242-423-303 (Somali)
 F242-423-307 (Tagalog/Filipino)
 F242-423-312 (Tigrinya/Tigrigna)
Home Modification for Workers with Catastrophic Injuries  F252-060-000 (English)
 F252-060-999 (Spanish)
Home Modification for Workers with Catastrophic Injuries - Questions and Answers for Contractors  F252-061-000 (English)
 F252-061-999 (Spanish)
How Social Security Benefits May Reduce Your Workers' Compensation Payments  F242-427-000 (English)
L&I Benefits for Workers Who Are Terminally Ill  F252-094-000 (English)
Letter of Intent for School Enrollment  F242-382-000 (English)
 F242-382-294 (Russian)
 F242-382-999 (Spanish)
Pension and Survivor Benefits in Washington State's Workers' Compensation Program  F242-352-909 (English/Spanish)
Pension Benefits Questionnaire  F242-393-000 (English)
 F242-393-214 (Cambodian)
 F242-393-255 (Korean)
 F242-393-294 (Russian)
 F242-393-999 (Spanish)
 F242-393-319 (Vietnamese)
 F242-393-203 (Arabic)
 F242-393-211 (Bosnian)
 F242-393-221 (Chinese Traditional)
 F242-393-223 (Croatian)
 F242-393-233 (Farsi/Persian)
 F242-393-238 (Gujarati)
 F242-393-249 (Japanese)
 F242-393-261 (Laotian)
 F242-393-312 (Tigrinya/Tigrigna)
Settling your L&I claim might be right for you: An option for injured workers 50 or older  F240-003-000 (English)
 F240-003-214 (Cambodian)
 F240-003-255 (Korean)
 F240-003-294 (Russian)
 F240-003-999 (Spanish)
 F240-003-319 (Vietnamese)
 F240-003-220 (Chinese Simplified)
 F240-003-221 (Chinese Traditional)
 F240-003-233 (Farsi/Persian)
 F240-003-261 (Laotian)
 F240-003-291 (Punjabi/Panjabi)
 F240-003-303 (Somali)
 F240-003-312 (Tigrinya/Tigrigna)
Verification of School Enrollment  F242-055-000 (English)
 F242-055-294 (Russian)
 F242-055-999 (Spanish)
 F242-055-203 (Arabic)
When a Loved One Dies at Work  F417-240-000 (English)
 F417-240-999 (Spanish)

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