L&I has funding to make it possible for a worker with an open claim to perform the essential functions of a job and/or participate in an approved retraining plan.

This benefit is for workers who do not have an employer. If there is an employer, see Job Modifications.

The Pre-Job Accommodation Benefit:

  • Covers costs for equipment, tools, changes to the worksite.
  • May be up to $5,000 per claim.

Workers may receive benefits when:

  • Their claim is open and covered by L&I.
  • They have restrictions imposed by the industrial condition preventing them from:
    • Participating in an approved training plan, and/or
    • Performing the essential functions of a job consistent with recommendations of a vocational assessment or nearly completed plan.

Apply for pre-job accommodation benefits

  • For claims covered by L&I: Fax the Pre-Job Accommodation Assistance Application (F245-350−000) form to the claim file at 360-902-4567.
  • For workers covered by a self-insured employer, contact employer or its representative directly (this benefit is not available through L&I).

Equipment returns

If a retraining plan fails, or if Option 2 was selected, promptly return unused equipment to the nearest L&I service location. If unable, contact the claim manager.

Need help finding ideas to modify the job?

  • Reach out to the Job Accommodation Network
  • Request a pre-job accommodation consultation by contacting the assigned claim manager.

Find a consultant or vendor

To locate a consultant or vendor, use our Vendor Services Lookup Tool.


Forms and Publications

Helpful Links

Laws and Rules

  • WAC 296-19A-010(9-10):Definitions
  • WAC 296-19A-191: When may the department authorize prejob accommodations?
  • WAC 296-19A-192: How much is available for prejob accommodations?
  • RCW 51.32.095(6):Vocational rehabilitation services — Benefits — Priorities — Allowable costs — Performance criteria.