Plan implementation and monitoring services assist the worker in completing a vocational rehabilitation plan.

As a vocational provider, you will monitor the worker's progress to identify and resolve barriers that might affect successful completion of the plan. This includes monitoring the worker's plan and travel expenses.

You will also help the worker with job readiness and job-seeking activities, including (but not limited to) resume development, referral to WorkSource, and job development.

Things to consider

Preferred worker

Plan modification

Request approval for plan modification when you need to make changes to the originally approved plan. (For example, if you need to make changes in curriculum, course order, plan start/end dates, vendor, and/or mileage.)

To help streamline the process and reduce delays when submitting a plan modification to us, use the Plan Modification Form (F245-463-000). 

Please remember to:

  • Attach the Plan Time/Cost/Travel Encumbrance (F245-454-000) form and include all vendors even if only part is changing.
  • When updating the encumbrance forms to attach to a plan modification, include the sum of the previously requested amount plus or minus the new amount from plan start to plan end.
  • Include the Option 1 Plan Modification Accountability Agreement (F280-056-000) when you are changing the plan start/end dates, courses, course order or schools.
  • You do not need the Option 1 Plan Modification Accountability Agreement when asking for more funding or for reallocation of previously approved funding.

Billing on dual or triple claims

Please remember to:

  • Split your vocational bills equally between the claims.
  • Split the retraining funding equally between the claims. You only need 1 set of encumbrance forms but they must have all the claim numbers included.


Discussion guides

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Option election questions and answers

    When can the worker elect Option 2?

    For plans approved on or after July 31, 2015, the worker can elect Option 2 at any point within the following period:

    • Beginning with the date of plan approval or our determination a plan is valid, and
    • Ending the 15th day after completion of the first academic quarter or 3 months' training.
    What happens if L&I doesn’t receive an option election form for retraining?

    If we don’t receive the worker’s completed and signed retraining plan option form, the worker must participate in the approved Option 1 retraining plan.

    What does completion of the academic quarter or 3 months’ training mean?
    • In a vocational program with an academic quarter system, the completion of the quarter is the last day of finals.
    • In a vocational program without an academic quarter system, the completion of 3 months’ training is 90 days after training started.
    What happens if the worker misses the Option 2 election deadline?

    If the worker submits an Option 2 election form past the deadline, we will deny the request and send a letter of explanation. The worker must proceed with the previously approved retraining plan.

    Exception: We may approve a late election if we receive the worker’s written explanation why they were unable to submit it within the 15-day limit. We must receive their explanation within 25 days (15 days plus 10 days) of the end of the first academic quarter or 3 months' training.

    What if the worker chooses Option 2 after starting formal retraining?

    If the worker chooses Option 2 after starting formal retraining under Option 1, the worker’s benefits will be reduced as follows:

    • The training benefit will be reduced by the amount of tuition and expenses expended during the Option 1 retraining plan.
    • The nine-month vocational award will be reduced by any time-loss received since the beginning of the Option 1 retraining plan.
    What is your responsibility when the worker’s deadline to elect Option 2 is getting close?

    You should discuss Option 2 with the worker again 2 weeks before the deadline and remind them of their time limit to choose.

    What must you include in your closing report when the worker elects Option 2?

    When you learn that the worker elected Option 2 before completing the plan, your closing report must contain:

    • The approved retraining goal.
    • The date the worker started the retraining.
    • An outline of work-related skills the worker acquired during the training plan, if any.
    • An outline of discussion with the worker about Option 2.
    • Whether the worker has withdrawn from courses.