Electrical Laws & Rules

Current electrical laws (RCW)

Electrical Chapter 19.28 RCW (F500-143-000) Effective June 2018.
This printed document is also available for a fee in L&I field offices or by mail.

Replacement/insert pages due to changes in legislation. Please replace/insert pages below in your print version of 2018 RCW 19.28.

Chapter 19.28 RCW — Electricians and Electrical Installation official copy formatted in the protocol of the Office of the Code Reviser.

Current electrical rules (WAC)

Electrical WAC Rule 296-46B (F500-142-000) Effective October 29, 2020.
This printed document is also available for a fee in L&I field offices or by mail.

Replacement pages due to rule changes. Please replace pages below in your October 29, 2020 print version of WAC 296-46B.

Chapter 296-46B WAC — Electrical Safety Standards, Administration, and Installation official copy formatted in the protocol of the Office of the Code Reviser.

Amusement ride laws and rules

Chapter 67.42 RCW — Amusement rides or structures.
Chapter 296-403A WAC — Amusement rides or structures.

NFPA codes and standards

Visit the website of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) for read-only access to the NFPA codes and standards adopted by L&I in Chapter 296-46B-010 WAC.

Rule Development

2023 rulemaking

L&I has adopted rule changes that provide more opportunities to qualify for the journey level (01) examination.

A new law, implemented under 2018’s Substitute Senate Bill (SSB) 6126, provided L&I the opportunity to engage in rulemaking. L&I’s used its discretion provided by the law to continue to help the electrical industry while implementing the bill. Below is an overview of the adopted changes, and where to go to see a complete text of the adopted rule.

L&I filed a CR-103 Rulemaking Order to adopt the changes on Feb. 14. The new rules take effect on July 1.

An important note:

These changes do not apply to specialty electrical contractors or the trainees they employ. Also unchanged is the process for trainees to submit hours of experience to the Electrical Program’s licensing division

Overview of proposed changes

The adopted changes allow journey-level candidates to take the 01 exam based on a “good cause” exemption available under law. The exemption would be in effect through July 1, 2025. The adopted rule, in part, recognizes:

  • State-licensed electricians from other jurisdictions that require 8,000 hours of experience (4,000 hours must be new commercial or industrial installations) as journey level electricians;
  • Individuals with military experience from a construction battalion while in the U.S. military, or those from other jurisdictions with 16,000 hours working in the electrical trade (4,000 hours must be commercial or industrial installations), to qualify for the 01 journey level electrician examination.
  • Individuals with 4,000 hours performing industrial or commercial installations accrued prior to July 1, 2023. The individual can continue accruing remaining specialty experience and qualify for the journey level electrician examination without joining an apprenticeship program.

This rulemaking also adopts other changes to the rule for updates and housekeeping.

Rulemaking documents
Notice of Intent 8/02/2022
Proposed Rule Language 11/22/2022
Final Adoption 2/14/2023
Here's what happens next

July 1, 2023: The adopted rule takes effect.

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