Learn more about the Centers of Occupational Health & Education (COHEs):

About our Program

We partner with health care organizations to make COHE services available to providers, workers, and employers.

Core COHE services

  • Coordinate worker care for the first year of treatment.
  • Engage with employers about return to work options.
  • Train providers on best practices.
  • Help providers implement best practices in their office(s).

Join a COHE

If you treat workers and would like access to core COHE services, reach out to the appropriate COHE:

Sponsor a COHE

At this time, we aren't accepting new COHE sponsors.

Best Practices

Occupational health best practices were developed with the assistance of the University of Washington. Opioid best practices were adopted from the Bree Collaborative Prescribing guidelines.

COHE providers should:

  1. Submit a timely and complete Report of Accident (ROA) (F242-130-000) to ensure claims are opened quickly.
  2. Complete an Activity Prescription Form (APF) (F242-385-000) during the first office visit, or when patient restrictions change, so that the worker, employer, and claim manager understand the treatment plan and recovery expectations.
  3. Discuss return-to-work options with the employer when the worker has restrictions.
  4. Identify barriers to recovery and solutions to those barriers with each worker.
  5. Prescribe opioids appropriately.
Health Services Coordination

Health services coordinators (HSCs) help providers, workers, and employers.

Their standard work includes (when needed):

  1. Coordination and tracking of referrals.
  2. Assessment of barriers to recovery.
  3. Referral to community services.
  4. Assistance with medication issues.
  5. Coordination of return to work.
  6. Support during transitions of care.
  7. Ongoing monitoring of recovery.
  8. Coordination of surgical care.

COHE HSCs are assigned to each best practice provider.

Provider Incentives

COHE participation offers financial and non-financial incentives.

Please refer to the COHE Fee Schedule for special billing codes and rates.

Many providers join COHEs for the non-financial incentives, which include:

  • Help from COHE best practice trainers.
  • Access to health services coordinators.
  • Special designation through L&I’s Find-A-Doctor application.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Can a provider submit the APF or ROA electronically?

    Yes, the APF and ROA can be completed and submitted through My L&I on the provider dashboard. In addition, both are also available as a Health Information Exchange (HIE) transactions.