Health Care Organizations Can Share Data With Us!

Benefits of sharing data through HIE


  • Streamlines your patient work flow. Providers complete workers' compensation information within the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system; an automated extract delivers the data to L&I.
  • Ensures that the data in our system matches yours, so that communication with us and billing are easier.
  • Eliminates the need to retain paper copies of workers' compensation forms.
  • Eliminates costs for faxing and mailing.
  • Easier to track worker status.

Additional benefits for providers participating in Centers of Occupational Health and Education (COHEs) and other incentive programs

  • Improves timeliness and completeness. Set up automated business rules which improve provider performance measures.
  • Faster alerts to health services care coordinators, helping them respond to workers' needs quickly.

Current Transactions

  • Report of Accident (ROA)
  • Activity Prescription Form (APF)
  • Claim Information

Additional Transactions

L&I is currently working on an implementation guides for the Physical Medicine Progress Report form, provider chart note, and pre-authorization transactions.

Questions About Health Information Exchange

    Which providers can share data with L&I?

    Any health care organization can include L&I forms in their electronic medical records system (EMRs), extract that information, and send it to L&I.

    How can we start sharing data with L&I?

    Step 1: Contact OneHealthPort ( to understand the services they provide. You'll have to register for OneHealthPort software to send and receive health care information securely.
    Step 2: Include the L&I data in your electronic medical records system (EMRs).
    Step 3: Go to the HIE Supported Transactions page for the implementation guides which explain how to send and receive data.
    Step 4: Contact L&I's HIE Support team at the email address below for additional documentation, such as Production Migration or Quick Start documentation.