About Our Program

Financial and non-financial incentives encourage more providers to participate in best practice programs and adopt more of the best practices. We know that implementation of occupational health best practices reduces worker disability, improves worker outcomes, and gets workers back to work as soon as medically possible. L&I has developed a variety of best practice programs to support providers during the workers' treatment. Caring for an ill or injured worker requires the attending provider to consider a variety of additional factors:

  • The worker's job role and physical requirements,
  • Understanding the role, goals, and limitations of workers' compensation coverage; and 
  • Engaging with the employer to ensure that modified duty is within the workers' capacity and assists their recovery.

We're paying providers who do the right thing for workers

To support the increase of providers' participation and adoption of occupational health best practices, L&I regularly reviews and updates the financial and non-financial incentives offered to providers and health care organizations.

As part of these updates, L&I is planning a providers' incentives pilot and evaluation beginning in the winter of 2022 and continuing through calendar year 2023.

The pilots include:

  • Financial incentives starting at $35, billed at the worker's first visit with the best practice pilot provider.  Financial incentives reflect L&I's periodic assessment of provider's demonstrated best practice activities with workers participating in state-fund claims.
  • Non-financial incentives which support providers through health services coordination and incentive reporting.
  • Financial and non-financial incentives for providers and health service coordinators participating who assume responsibility for compensable complex claims.

To understand the specific local codes being piloted and the amounts being paid, refer to the Pilot's Special Fee Schedule.  

You can learn more about each program by visiting their web pages:


Visit About Our Program to understand the benefits and approach to these pilots.

To understand the specific local codes being piloted and the amounts being paid, refer to the Pilot's Special Fee Schedule.

To see if a specific provider is part of the provider incentives pilots, please check out participating providers/clinics listings.

State-fund employers

These financial incentives are a cost to claim and will appear on your Explanation of Benefits if your worker visits a pilot provider.  These pilots will be evaluated after twelve months to understand:

  • If more providers adopted more best practices, thereby improving worker care,
  • If financial projections and impacts were as expected; and 
  • If there were unintended consequences.

Self-insured employers

These are provider incentive programs and participating providers are using these best practices with all workers. We encourage participating providers to include self-insured workers in these pilots. For more information, please go to the self-insured employer's website.


To understand the special local codes being piloted and the amounts being paid, refer to our Pilot's Special Fee Schedule.

Participating Pilot Sites

Centers of Occupational Health & Education

Currently assessing providers adoption level of best practices.

Surgical Quality Care Program

Pilot sites have been identified.  Awaiting pilot kick-off.

Provide your feedback

If you're an employer/representative, provider, or worker, we'd love to hear from you!

Gathering feedback is part of our evaluation process.  Please email us using the contact information listed at the bottom of this web page.

Provider Incentives Frequently Asked Questions

    How do these pilots help workers?

    More best practice adoption means better care for workers and better communication with employers:

    • L&I pioneered best practice pilots with the creation of the COHE program, which has helped reduce long term disability for ill and injured workers.
    • Using what we've learned in previous pilots, and guided by research and data, we're ready to pilot additional best practice programs that will continue to reduce worker disability.
    Why are the provider incentive pilots all at different times?

    Each of the best practice programs (COHE, SQCP, and PRP) have a different schedule and the incentives pilot aligns with this overall schedule.  

    • Centers of Occupational Health & Education: we will begin recruiting providers/clinics in the fall 2022, and hope to begin the pilot in October 2022.
    • Provider Recognition Program Pilot: begins in September 2022 and we plan to start the provider incentives pilot at the same time.
    • Surgical Quality Care Program: their program is already in operation and we hope to start the provider incentives pilot in November 2022.

    I'm a provider in a clinic who would like to participate in the incentives pilots. How do I sign up?

    Providers must enroll in the best practice pilots to participate in the incentives pilots.  All PRP providers will be participating in the incentives pilots.  SQCP has already selected their participating clinics/providers.  If you are enrolled in a COHE and would like to participate, please contact the Provider Incentives team.

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