How to Reach a Claim Manager

Often the first person you'll call

"My L&I" for Providers

Your customizable web page

When you sign up for My L&I for Providers, you will have access to information about all your patients whose care is being covered by L&I. With My L&I you can:

  • Check claim status
  • Review the claim file and notes
  • Add claims to your personal ‘quick list’ for easy access later
  • Communicate online with the claim manager
  • Receive mail from L&I online
  • Submit bills electronically
  • File Reports of Accident
  • Look up drugs and EOBs
  • Check treatment guidelines

Setting up online access is easy and takes just a few minutes. You just need your L&I Provider ID or NPI, and a related claim number. Try it today! Sign up or Login to My L&I.

Exchanging Data with L&I

As quickly and easily as possible

L&I works with a wide range of health care organizations. Whatever the size of your practice, it is important to exchange timely and complete treatment and claim information so that injured workers can heal and return to work as quickly and easily as possible. L&I has two types of data exchange:

  • Health Information Exchanges (HIE)
  • Electronic data entry