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Commonly asked questions about sprains and strains

    Can someone from L&I come out to my workplace to help with injury prevention?

    Yes, you can get help with preventing sprains and strains free of charge.

    Can L&I train my employees on safe lifting, body mechanics, or stretch and flex programs?

    No, mostly because training on work methods isn't a good way to prevent injuries unless it’s part of a more complete process.

    Are there any rules about how much weight someone can lift, carry, push, or pull at work?

    There are no specific regulations that set weight limits, except as an accommodation for pregnant workers. However, employers are required to provide a workplace free from recognized hazards. We recommend using evaluation tools to determine if a job is hazardous. You can get help from our consultants in evaluating jobs and finding fixes.

    Is standing on a hard floor all day a safety and health issue? Would chairs or mats help?

    Standing in one place for a long time can cause a number of health issues. Anti-fatigue mats can help with some symptoms, but being able to sit down or walk around will help more. Employers in Washington state need to provide opportunities to sit if requested as an accommodation for pregnant employees.