Heat-Related Illness

Why is heat exposure at work important?

Hot weather and heat within the body during physical work can kill. Heat-related Illness (HRI) ranges from relatively mild conditions such as heat cramps to more serious illnesses such as heat exhaustion. The most serious form of HRI is heat stroke, which can cause death.

HRIs are preventable. Cases of HRI are expected to rise in the future with changes in the climate. Knowing the signs and symptoms of serious HRIs and how to prevent them can protect workers.

Resources for workers, employers, & others

Education, trainings, data summaries, and other resources are available for workers, employers, educators, policy makers, and others.

Heat-related illness tracking

Workers’ compensation data are used to track Washington State HRIs every year. Data are compiled to describe case counts and to identify high-risk industries and occupations.

Heat research

In addition to HRIs, heat exposure at work can cause heat-related traumatic injuries for example from falls from ladders. Heat exposure can also cause kidney injury, lower work productivity, and other effects. To better understand this burden, SHARP conducts research on patterns and disparities in health effects of workplace heat exposure.

Heat-Related Illness Tracking

Workers’ compensation HRI tracking

Annual Washington Accepted State Fund Heat-Related Illness Workers’ Compensation Claims (in English and Spanish)

Other data sources

Workers’ compensation data are not comprehensive. SHARP also works to develop methods to identify occupational HRIs using other data sources.

Employment Data in Washington’s Rapid Health Information Network (RHINO)

Heat Research

Occupational Heat-Related Illness

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Occupational Heat-Related Traumatic Injuries

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