As a vocational provider, you help the worker understand the vocational process and the available options. Together, you will develop a retraining plan that will enable the worker to gain the skills to perform a new job.

Review with the worker

At your first meeting with the worker, you must inform the worker of their rights and responsibilities in the plan development process. Use the brochure Plan Development: What Are My Rights & Responsibilities? (F280-018-000). L&I sends this brochure to the worker when L&I makes the plan development referral.

Guide to Retraining Plans

Review the Guide to Retraining Plans for important information to consider when drafting a retraining plan. This guide includes useful instructions on how to successfully submit a retraining plan to L&I and receive approval the first time. If you have questions, call your unit vocational services specialist.



To access policies related to retraining plans, log on to the Vocational Provider Access to the Claim and Account Knowledge Base and search for the related policy. 

  • Interim Policy 6.49 - Retraining Plans and the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Policy 6.53 - Authorizing Board and Lodging for Vocational Retraining
  • Policy 6.54 - Authorizing Transportation for Vocational Retraining
  • Policy 6.70 - Authorizing Job Modifications
  • Policy 6.71 - Authorizing Pre-Job Accommodations
  • Attachment 6.53 – C – Allowable moving costs

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