Who do I talk to about my claim?

Your employer or their third-party representative (TPA) is responsible for the management of your claim. They pay for all of the benefits related to your claim. They will be working with you to help you heal and return to work.

Contact information


Find your employer’s contact information on the list of self-insured employers.

Claim Manager

Your employer or their TPA will have a claim manager that is assigned to your claim. Ask your employer for your claim manager’s contact information.


If you disagree with an action taken by your employer, first contact your employer or their TPA. If you remain dissatisfied, you may contact us to request assistance at 360-902-6901.

You may write to L&I at:

Department of Labor & Industries
Self-Insurance Program
PO Box 44892
Olympia, WA 98504-4892

FAX: 360-902-6900

You can also file a dispute electronically at customer service portal. Log into My L&I if you would like to see information L&I has on your claim.

Office of the Ombuds

Need additional help or have questions, the Office of the Ombuds advocates for the rights of injured workers of self-insured companies and can assist you with the claim process. Visit the Office of the Ombuds website or contact the Ombuds Office.

Project HELP

If you need assistance, you can call Project HELP at 1-800-255-9752. They are a cooperative effort between L&I and the Washington State Labor Council (AFL-CIO), and can provide you with one-on-one counseling to help you navigate the claims process.

Project HELP staff can assist you with the claim process, but they are not attorneys and do not give legal advice.

Independent Medical Examination (IME)
Independent Medical Examination (IME) disputes:

Your employer may schedule you for an IME for a variety of reasons (for more information, please review Your Independent Medical Exam). If you disagree with the need for the IME, you are encouraged to contact your employer. If you are unable to resolve the issue, you can file a dispute with L&I.

Mail or fax to:

Department of Labor & Industries
PO Box 44892
Olympia WA   98504-4892

Fax: 360-902-4249

Here is some information to keep in mind when considering an IME dispute:

  • A worker or their provider may file a dispute at any time during the process.
  • L&I will only consider instructing a self-insurer to postpone an IME if the dispute is received by L&I at least 15 calendar days prior to the scheduled date of the exam.
  • The dispute must include a copy of the IME notification letter sent to you by your employer, along with the reason(s) you feel the exam is not appropriate.
  • L&I will consider facts in the IME notification letter and the facts you and/or your provider provide to determine if the IME should be canceled.
  • If a worker attends a disputed IME and, after-the-fact, L&I determines the IME was scheduled in violation of RCW 51.36.070, the report may not be considered in the administration of the claim.
Independent Medical Examination Recording

Effective July 23, 2023, you may record your independent medical examination using audio, video, or both. Here is some information to keep in mind If you decide to record your examination:

  • You or your representative must provide notice to the IME provider that you intend to record the examination no less than seven calendar days prior to the examination. Contact information for the IME provider can be found on the assignment letter you received notifying you of the location, date, etc. of the examination.
  • You are responsible for paying any costs associated with recording.
  • You may not hold the recording equipment while the examination is occurring.
  • You must take reasonable steps to ensure the recording equipment does not interfere with the examination.
  • Upon request, you must provide one copy of the recording to L&I or your self-insured employer, in the format requested, within 14 days of receiving the request. You are not obligated to send the recording until the written report of the examination has been produced.
  • You may not materially alter the recording. Uploading the recording to L&I is not considered a material alteration. Benefits received as a result of any material alteration of the recording by you or done on your behalf may be subject to repayment pursuant to RCW 51.32.240.
  • You may not post the recording to social media or live stream the examination.
  • Recordings are deemed confidential pursuant to RCW 51.28.070.
  • If you have comments or concerns about your exam experience, you may submit them by mail or fax using the IME comments form. Or, you may send an email to the IME complaints mailbox.

Mail or fax to:

Department of Labor & Industries
Provider Quality & Compliance
PO Box 44322
Olympia WA 98504-4322

Fax: 360-902-4249

Customer Service Portal

Your employer should be your first point of contact. However, if you have a problem that you have been unable to resolve, use our online system to report problems with time-loss compensation, medical care, and other issues.


Help for Injured Workers of Self-Insured Employers

The Office of the Ombuds for Injured Workers of Self-Insured Employers serves as an independent advocate for the rights of self-insured workers.

The office, which operates independently of L&I, is available to answer questions about worker’s compensation, and explain your rights and responsibilities under the law.

The files and records of the Ombuds office are confidential. Information about your inquiry or complaint will not be disclosed without your authorization.

You may file a complaint in writing or by contacting the office by phone:

Office of the Ombuds for Self-Insured Workers
950 Broadway Suite 200
Tacoma, WA 98402

Phone: 1-888-317-0493
Email: SIOmbuds@Lni.wa.gov

Visit the Office of the Ombuds website.