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Provider Express Billing (PEB) is a free and secure way to submit bills electronically and receive remittances through My L&I.

About PEB

There are three ways to bill electronically:

  1. Direct Entry using a free online form (no need to purchase software or use a clearinghouse).
  2. Upload billing files using your own software.
  3. Submit bills through a Clearinghouse.

What do I need to get started?

  1. You will need an Active L&I Provider Account Number
  2. You will need a My L&I Account.
  3. You will need to request access to your L&I Provider Account Number.
Direct Entry Billing

Direct entry allows you to submit bills using an online billing form and is ideal for providers with no billing software.

  • Online form is a modified version of the CMS-1500 billing form.
  • Provider and claim information are pre-loaded onto the form.
  • Finalized Direct Entry bills can be adjusted or voided online.
  • Can be used standalone or in addition to uploading files or billing through a clearinghouse.
Upload Files

Submit bills and adjustments electronically using your billing software. For this option, your software must be able to create billing files in the HIPAA Compliant 837 format.

  • EDI X12 837 (5010) Professional Health Care Claim
  • EDI X12 837 (5010) Institutional Health Care Claim
  • Link: L&I EDI 837 Companion Guide

The L&I EDI 837 Companion Guide is specific to L&I’s business requirements for conducting electronic billing in the HIPAA 837 format and is to be used in conjunction with the ASC X12 Type 3 Technical Reports, commonly known as Implementation Guides (IG).

The Implementation Guides are copyrighted documents and can be purchased through the Washington Publishing Company. To purchase code list subscriptions call WPC: (425) 562-2245 or email WPC: or through the ASC X12 Store at

Clearinghouse billing

You may submit billing electronically through your clearinghouse. L&I accepts electronic billing from most commercial clearinghouses.

To get setup:

  • Complete an Electronic Billing Authorization form (F248-031-000)
  • Email a copy of the completed form to the Electronic Billing Unit at
  • Or Fax the completed form to 360-902-6192
Electronic Remittance Advice

L&I produces a remittance advice for each payment cycle. The remittance advice reports on your bills that have been paid, denied, or are still in-process at the time of the payment cycle.

  • A remittance advice is generated and available for all providers in a PDF document format
  • Optionally, a HIPAA compliant 835 (5010) Payment Advice can be generated and routed to the provider or to the provider’s clearinghouse upon request
  • The PDF remittance advice contains L&I’s Explanation of Benefits (EOB) codes
  • The 835 payment advice contains HIPAA Explanation of Benefits (EOB) codes

To request an 835 Payment Advice

  • To receive an 835 Payment Advice in addition to your PDF remittance advice, contact the Electronic Billing Unit at
  • To send an 835 Payment Advice to your clearinghouse:

User ID and Password for My L&I (powered by SecureAccess Washington)

    What should I do if I forget My L&I user ID or password?
    1. Go to the My L&I (powered by SecureAccess Washington) login screen.
    2. Select one of the following:
      • 'Get User ID?' or
      • 'Reset my password?'
    3. Provide your email address.
    4. You will receive an email with instructions.

Technical Information

    Why can't I access Provider Express Billing when logged in?
    • Be sure you have:
      • Applied for the 'Provider Express Billing (PEB)' services (Add Service).
      • Selected and established a 'PEB Provider' relationship (Request Access).
        • For electronic billing, do not select 'Medical and Vocational Providers'
      • Activated your 'PEB Provider' relationship. Log into My L&I (powered by SecureAccess Washington) and follow the instructions mailed to you in your activation letter using the Activation Code to activate your account.
    • PEB may be experiencing technical difficulties. You can contact the:
      • Electronic Billing Unit
        • Phone: 360-902-6511
        • Email:
    Why can't I log in to My L&I?
    • Be sure you have:
      • Created an account with My L&I (powered by SecureAccess Washington).
      • Activated your registration with SAW.
      • The correct User ID and password (case sensitive) you registered with SAW.
    • Close your browser. Open a new browser and attempt to login again.

General Questions

    When will L&I process my bill for payment?
    When do I need to submit an Electronic Billing Authorization agreement?
    • When giving authorization to a clearinghouse to submit electronic billing on your behalf.
    • When changing clearinghouse's.
    • Electronic Billing Authorization form (F248-031-000). Fax the completed form to 360-902-6192.
    Can I use two clearinghouses at the same time?
    • No, our system does not allow dual submitters.
    I use a clearinghouse. What is L&I's Payer ID?
    • Each clearinghouse may assign L&I a different Payer ID. If you need a Payer ID, please contact your clearinghouse. Often, clearinghouses will post a list on their website.
    How do I sign up for Direct Deposit?

    Effective 07/04/2020, the Office of Financial Management (OFM) manages all statewide payee registration forms, including requests to set-up, modify or cancel Direct Deposit or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). To obtain the current forms or learn more, visit:

    • You will need to print, sign and submit the completed forms to the Office of Financial Management:
      • SCAN to PDF format and EMAIL to: OR
      • FAX to: (360) 664-3363 OR
      • MAIL to: Statewide Payee Registration, PO Box 41450, Olympia, WA 98504-1450

    Note:  L&I can no longer accept or forward these forms, including the Statewide Payee Registration form (F248-036-000) to OFM on the providers behalf. 

    I submitted a bill and noticed it contained an error. Can I submit an adjustment electronically?
    • Yes. An adjustment can be submitted to a finalized bill that has been paid or partially paid. For additional adjustments information, see Getting A Payment Adjusted.
      • Direct Entry Adjustments - Bills submitted via Direct entry can be adjusted through the Adjust Direct Entry Bills function. You can find instructions for adjusting a bill in the Adjust, Submit or Void a Direct Entry Bill document (F245-437-000).
      • Electronic Adjustments - Any bill can be adjusted or voided via the HIPPA 837 format.
      • Paper Adjustments - Any bill can be adjusted or voided by submitting a paper adjustment.
    I submitted a bill or adjustment in error. Can it be deleted?
    • No. The bill or adjustment cannot be deleted once you submit it.
    Do I need to submit an Electronic Billing Authorization for each person in my group?
    • No, only one authorization is required for your provider group.
    Who do I contact for information or questions about my EFT payment?
    • The Statewide Payee Help Desk can assist with you questions about your EFT payment.
      • Email address:
      • Phone: (360) 407-8180, option 5