Agendas and Minutes

Agendas & Minutes

Notes to members:

  • Minutes of WSATC meetings are posted once they are approved.
  • Agendas and forms for the quarterly WSATC meetings are posted approximately 30 days prior to each meeting.
  • Word version of the "Notice of Objection" form (Must be received 20 days before the meeting).


April 2022 CRRS Agenda

April 2022 WSATC Agenda

January 2022 WSATC Minutes

January 2022 CRRS Minutes


October 2021 WSATC Minutes

October 2021 CRRS Minutes

April 2021 WSATC Minutes

July 2021 WSATC Minutes

July 2021 CRRS Minutes

April 2021 CRRS Minutes

January 2021 WSATC Minutes

January 2021 CRRS Minutes


October 2020 CRRS Minutes

October 2020 WSATC Minutes

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April July 2020 CRRS Minutes

January 2020 WSATC Minutes

January 2020 CRRS Minutes

Agenda Documentation

April 2022 WSATC Quarterly Meeting

Agenda Item Number | Sponsor/Committee/Program Title

Unfinished business

1. Construction Industry Training Council of Washington – Mechanical Insulator
2. Tradesmen Apprenticeship & Comprehensive Training
3. Johnson Controls Fire Protection Apprenticeship Committee

Items from the department

4. Apprenticeship Utilization Report
5. Department of Labor & Industries Electrical Subcommittee Special Report

Apprenticeship preparation program recognition

6. Construction Trades Training: Airway Heights Correctional Center (CTT)
7. Interlake High School Building Industry Technology – Core Plus Construction
Pre-Apprenticeship Program
8. Machinists Institute Career Accelerator (MICA)
9. Pre-Employment Preparation Program (PEPP)

Apprenticeship preparation program continued recognition

10. Vancouver Public Schools Construction Trades Program

New standards, provisional registration

11. CHAS Health Medical Assistant Apprenticeship
12. Greater Spokane Electrical Training Apprenticeship
13. Inland Power and Light Co Apprenticeship Committee
14. Klickitat PUD No. 1 Apprenticeship Committee

New standards, permanent registration

15. Washington State Controls Specialist Apprenticeship Committee
16. Aviation Technical Services

Revised standards

17. Grant County PUD No. 2 Apprenticeship Committee
18. PCA Wallula Apprenticeship Program
19. Cowlitz County P.U.D. Apprenticeship Committee
20. Power Line Clearance and Tree Trimmers Apprenticeship Committee
21. Health Care Apprenticeship Consortium
22. Ardagh Group/GMP In-Plant Maintenance Apprenticeship Committee
23. Northwest Machinists Apprenticeship Committee

Consent items

24. Vertical Options Elevator Apprenticeship Program
25. PUD #1 of Wahkiakum County Apprenticeship

Cancellation of apprenticeship standards (sponsor request)

26. Hampton Lumber – Morton
27. Millennium Bulk Terminals Apprenticeship Program

OJT program review


Reciprocal recognition requests


Council Members

Employee representatives

  • Brett Wideman (Term Expires October 15, 2023).
  • Mark Riker, Vice Chair (Term Expires October 20, 2022).
  • April Sims (Term Expires October 15, 2024).

Employer representatives

  • David D’Hondt (Term Expires October 20, 2022).
  • Ed Kommers Chair (Term Expires October 15, 2023).
  • Shelley Wilson (Term Expires October 15, 2024)

Public member

  • Kenna May (Term Expires May 23, 2022).

Council secretary

  • Celeste Monahan, Assistant Director, Fraud Prevention & Labor Standards, Department of Labor & Industries.

Ex-officio members:

  • Corinna J. Pereiral, State Director, U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship.
  • Eleni Papadakis, Executive Director Washington State Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board.
  • Jan Yoshiwara, Executive Director Washington State Board for Community & Technical Colleges.
  • Cami Feek, Commissioner Employment Security Department.
Quarterly Reports

L&I's Apprenticeship Program Quarterly Reports

For archived quarterly reports, contact the Apprenticeship Program via email or by phone at 360-902-5322.

Quarterly Reports

Department of Transportation April 2022 Report

Employment Security Department April 2022 Report

L&I Apprentice Utilization Report April 2022

L&I Electrical Subcommittee April 2022 Report

Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction April 2022 Report

Oregon State Apprenticeship and Training Council April 2022 Report

State Board for Community and Technical Colleges April 2022 Report

US DOL Office of Apprenticeship April 2022 Report

Washington State Coordinators April 2022 Report

WSATC Childcare in the Trades Subcommittee April 2022 Report

WSATC Electrical Subcommittee April 2022 Report

WSATC Secretary April 2022 Report

WSATC Tribal Liaison April 2022 Report

RCW Policy Subcommittee  April 2022 Report

April 2022

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The Washington State Apprenticeship and Training Council (WSATC)

Minutes of WSATC meetings are posted once they are approved.

  • Agendas and forms for the quarterly WSATC meetings are posted approximately 30 days prior to each meeting.
  • PDF version of the “Notice of Objection” form (Must be received 20 days prior to the meeting.)

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